Georgia is well over half way done with spring drills at this point. In fact, after Saturday’s scrimmage, it is 60 percent of the way through. That’s eight traditional practices and one scrimmage and it’s infinitely more than the team got last season. 

Kirby Smart is always hard to please this time of year and when he spoke with reporters after Saturday’s workout, it was no different. He said that his team still has a long way to go and based on history and the fact that it has been through one scrimmage, nothing else should have been expected. 

“I was pleased with the energy” Smart said. “We made some errors, there were 16 mid-years out there who were a little nervous. There was some anxiety there but I felt the energy was good on both sides of the ball. When somebody made a play there was enthusiasm, there was more connection out there, not guys going through the motion which can happen sometimes in the spring. That wasn’t the case today. I thought there was positive energy toward people making plays, which is important to me right now. In terms of getting things done, I think that was practice nine, we got six left, so we’re not where we need to be yet.”

UGA has two more weeks and six more practice before spring is over. It has five more true practices before fans get to see the team on G-Day. But before any of that gets underway, let’s take a look at some of the scenes from the scrimmage with courtesy of Tony Walsh and UGA sports information.

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