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MYRTLE BEACH — For the first time in 69 days — and for only the third time in 75 days — the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control reported more than 80 new COVID-19 cases in Horry County, with 86 confirmed cases announced on Wednesday afternoon.

It was the highest number of reported cases since July 28, when DHEC announced 106 cases.

The 86 cases caps a 5-day surge in cases in Horry County, with 62 on Tuesday, 61 on Monday, 47 on Sunday and 35 on Saturday. The 5-day average of 58.2 cases per day is the highest since Aug. 4-8, when the county averaged 54.6 cases.

In September, Horry County averaged 23.8 cases announced per day, while the August average was 38.5.

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Horry County’s incidence rate has risen sharply over the past two days, moving from 123.7 on Oct. 4 to 149.7 on Oct. 6.

This places Horry County in “medium spread,” with “high spread” being with an incidence rate of 200 or above.

Horry County has 10,213 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date, with 186 confirmed deaths. There are 650 probable cases and 17 probable deaths.

“We expect the number of cases to fluctuate among counties and there isn’t always one key reason why. The total positive rate per 100,000 people places Horry County in the middle of the 46 counties,” DHEC told the Post and Courier Myrtle Beach.

“Regardless of the current number of cases within a county or community, all South Carolinians should wear a mask, stay socially distanced by six feet, stay home when sick with any symptoms, and frequently wash their hands. We encourage anyone who is out and about in their community to get tested at least once a month.”

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