The extraordinary gains that have been made in improving the health of our nation are the result of the research efforts of our scientists in the universities, National Institutes of Health, CDC, FDA and the pharmaceutical industry.

These gains have been made without any political influences and were driven by the scientific method.

Our country faces an extraordinary challenge to our health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never in the history of our country is the politically unencumbered scientific method more important to bring an end to the pandemic.

Donald Trump and his administration are systematically trying to interfere with the research being conducted by scientists at the CDC and FDA to what he believes will help him politically.

Unfortunately for him and the American people, his approach will lead to more unnecessary loss of lives and a prolongation of the pandemic.

I can attest to the fact that scientists are working at an extraordinary pace to find cures for COVID-19 infections and rigorously testing the vaccines in double-blind placebo controlled trials.

While we would all like to see the cures and the vaccine now, these things do not occur overnight, they take time.

Trump’s false statements about the vaccine and treatments are leading this country down a dangerous and harmful path.


River Reach Way


Overcoming our crises

Dismayed by the national crises prevalent in the country, I returned to a book written by one of my favorite authors, Jared Diamond.

His book “Upheaval: Turning Point for Nations in Crisis” describes in detail both political and psychological forces that lead to a crisis and the responses that lead to coping and overcoming the crisis. The book is well-documented and researched, and the author is highly respected.

The book begins with a description of personal crises: what constitutes a personal crisis and what 12 factors influence the success of overcoming it.

Diamond then moves to specific nations. To make his discussion concrete and relatable, he applies the factors to specific crises in specific countries.

Among them are: 1. National consensus that one’s nation is in crisis, 2. Acceptance of national responsibility to do something, 3. Building a fence to delineate the national problems needing to be resolved, 4. Honest national self-appraisal, 5. Dealing with national failure, 6. Using other nations as models of how to solve the problems.

The book is not political in the sense that he advocates for a specific party or candidate, but just from the factors listed, it is obvious which one of the presidential candidates is most able to tackle our national crises.

Like the book, I end my letter with hope and optimism. A crisis will always challenge us personally and nationally, but knowledge and science can help us navigate the rough seas. Please vote!


Seignious Drive

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Support Mace

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott recently attended an event supporting Nancy Mace’s congressional campaign.

What a great display of unity to have both U.S. senators from our great state of South Carolina supporting the right choice for the Lowcountry. I couldn’t agree more with what Sen. Graham said: “I’ve never seen a more unified Republican party.”

Mace represents Lowcountry values. She grew up here, she’s raising her family here and she embodies our free-thinking and independent streak that makes our area unique. She will not follow a leader blindly without forming her own informed opinion on a given issue.

I’m particularly proud to support her because of all that she’s done for prison reform in the South Carolina state house. Before Mace’s courageous, bipartisan bill, pregnant women were inhumanely shackled while giving birth.

I’m so glad to vote for a representative to Congress who will be an independent thinker and reach across the aisle time and time again to come up with bipartisan solutions for unity with her party, and pragmatic solutions that enact real change.

That’s what I want to see in my representation to Congress, and that’s what I see in Nancy Mace.


Chairman, Charleston County

Republican Party

Grove Street


Mace unworthy for job

In the Sept. 28 debate with Joe Cunningham, Nancy Mace made clear her confusion about climate change and science.

She claimed that scientists used to think that the world was flat.

Scientists have known since the ancient world that the world is round. One need only see a ship sail over the horizon to arrive at the conclusion. Greek thinkers understood that 2,500 years ago.

It is science deniers, then and now, who refuse to observe and learn from their observations, who felt the world was flat.

These are the same people who today argue that there is no climate change. Nancy Mace once again publicly and proudly reveals her ignorance and unworthiness for a seat in the House of Representatives.


Pawley Road

Mount Pleasant

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