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High school football returns in Williamson County with COVID-19 precautions

THOMPSON STATION, Tenn. (WTVF) — High school football returned to Williamson County on Friday night but fans were required to follow several social distancing measures inside the stadiums.

At Independence High School, fans and students had to wear masks throughout the stadium as the team played Summit High School. School leaders also taped off sections of the stands to help social distancing. School administrators estimated the rules capped capacity to about a third of what it usually is.

“We used a lot of tape,” said Mary Beth White, athletic director of Independence High School.

The concession stand was open, but with changes and a limited menu, according to school leaders. There were signs throughout the stadium urging fans to stay apart.

Many fans said despite the pandemic precautions, the game brought a sense of normalcy.

“The crowd and everything that goes with it is a big part of high school football, but for the players, once they take the field that all kind of goes away anyway,” parent Brian Woodward said.

Fans and school officials said they spend months worrying whether Friday’s opening kickoff could happen, and now they hope nothing interrupts the season.

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