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Impact of FDA authorization of convalescent plasma on southern Wisconsin

MADISON (WKOW) — Local doctors and researchers applauded the FDA’s decision to authorize the emergency use of convalescent plasma as a new treatment for COVID-19.

Doctors at UW Health said this will help staff at hospitals in under-served areas get the help they need for treatment.

“This eases those regulations, makes plasma more available to them and to their patients and easier to get to the people that need it,” said UW Health’s Dr. William Hartman.

He said it should also help all local hospitals get the plasma they need and get it quickly to patients. Studies have shown, the sooner COVID-19 patients get the convalescent plasma in their treatment, the higher the rate of survival.

Dr. Hartman did note, while it’s a safer procedure, there hasn’t been a controlled trial, so there’s no proof of effectiveness.

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