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Madison West’s Nashold puts in miles daily with hopes of competing in the spring

Many high school athletes across the state will likely have to wait until the spring to compete in their respective fall sports. That’s the case for one of the top girls cross country runners in the Wisconsin.

Depending on the week will determine just how many miles Genevieve Nashold will run. She calls them “up” and “down” weeks.

During an up week she runs nearly 60 miles, a down week is around 45 miles. That’s her usual training method, even though she won’t be competing until the spring at the earliest.

“It’s definitely weird to not be with the team or see anyone or run with anyone and no meets,” said Nashold. A soon to be junior at Madison West High School.

“I definitely enjoy racing. It’s definitely going to be different but I’m glad I can still run.”

The Madison Metropolitan School District, which includes Madison West, has cancelled all fall sports with the hopes of an alternative season in the spring. Many runners could go a while with no competitions.

“It’s going to date back to the spring because we lost our track season,” said Cory Hayden, the girls cross country coach at West.

Cory Hayden – Madison West girls cross country coach

“For many of the high school athletes they might go a full 12 months, or more than 12 months now without racing.”

In 2018 Nashold won West’s first-ever state girls cross country championship, as a freshman. Last season she finished eighth at the state meet as a sophomore.

She has her doubts however of races being done safely with COVID-19.

“You start super close together. Maybe if it was a more socially distanced race,” said Nashold.

Her coach agreed with her.

“There’s a big difference between running and cross country and our team especially with over 100 girls, no way could we have authentically done our sport the way it’s been done in the past, safely,” said Hayden.

A runner like Nashold will continue to train and be ready for whenever she is able to compete again. As of now, the hope is for her to be able to cash in on her “up” and “down” miles in the spring.

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