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Wisconsin Democrats attack Trump’s response to COVID-19 pandemic

MADISON (WKOW) — On day one of the Democratic National Convention, Wisconsin Democrats are blaming the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as the reason why the four day event is virtual.

The DNC was expected to bring in more than 50,000 people to the city of Milwaukee and generate $200 million in economic benefits. 

Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Ben Wikler said President Trump’s “failure” to control the virus is what forced them to cancel all in-person events during the convention. 

“If it weren’t for Trump’s failure we would be gathered in Milwaukee to celebrate in person,” said Wikler.

The Trump campaign called Wikler’s claims “ridiculous” and emphasized now is not the time to elect a new administration to address the health crisis.

“In uncertain times you can’t afford to switch midstream and go backwards with an administration that can not handle a pandemic,” said Hogan Gidley, national press secretary for the Trump campaign. 

Democrats will be focusing heavily on the coronavirus pandemic during the convention to contrast how Joe Biden could be handling the global pandemic differently. 

Sen. Tammy Baldwin believes if Trump implemented a national plan to address COVID-19, such as a countrywide mask mandate, our nation could be better at controlling the spread of the virus.

“Trump did not cause the coronavirus, but his complete inability to respond to this pandemic brings us to the point of crisis that we are in today,” said Baldwin.

For the first time, national conventions will be unconventional as they shift to virtual events due to concerns over COVID-19.

Throughout the week both the Biden and Trump campaigns will be competing for voters in the battleground state as Republicans host events throughout Wisconsin during the Democrats convention. 

On Monday, Trump spoke to a crowd in Oshkosh. Trump’s son Eric will make a stop in Milwaukee Tuesday and Vice President Mike Pence will be in Darien, a small town in Walworth county to tout the administration record on the economy and job creating.

Tonight, Democrats speaking at the convention will focus on three crises they say impact voters this election; the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing economic impact due to the virus, and racial injustices that have sparked a nationwide movement.

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