Wisconsin Red Cross volunteers travel to help people affected by Hurricane Laura

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Four Wisconsin Red Cross volunteers are heading to Texas to help with emergency efforts ahead of Hurricane Laura.

Volunteer Angela Oakley will be helping with emergency sheltering and immediate needs from the hurricane, according to a communications officer for the Red Cross. Hurricane Laura is said to be a Category 4 hurricane.

The officer told NBC 15 that it is Oakley’s first deployment, though she helped remotely with families recovering from Hurricane Hanna earlier this summer. She is looking forward to helping people “turn fear into hope” as a volunteer.

Oakley moved from Madison to South Carolina last year where she rode out hurricanes in shelters.

A Category 4 hurricane can render wide areas uninhabitable for weeks or months and knock out power for just as long. The threat of such devastation posed a new disaster-relief challenge for a government already straining under the coronavirus pandemic.

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