Wisconsin reports 2nd fewest new cases since June

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Only once since June have fewer new, confirmed COVID-19 cases been reported in any given day.

The Dept. of Health Services tallied 478 new positive coronavirus tests on Wednesday, continuing a trend of reduced cases that began on Sunday. Since then, every daily report found fewer cases than all but one of the previous 12 days. That one day, August 3, came on a Monday, which normally sees depressed totals.

Excepting for that day, the last time fewer cases were recorded was June 29, when 315 positive tests were found, DHS numbers show.

Number of newly reported COVID-19 cases, by day, and 7-day average (last 14 days)(Dept. of Health Services)

In all, the agency reported the results of 9,924 tests, dropping the percent-positive for the day to 4.8 percent. The seven-day rolling average for percent-positive remains a full point-and-a-half higher. The rolling-average for new cases continued its overall slide over the past two weeks and fell below the 800 mark, to 760.

Overall testing has been lower than normal this week, though, with less than 10,000 total tests being reported on three of the past four days.

Number of people with COVID-19 test results (positive or negative) and the percent positive by day (last 14 days)(Dept. of Health Services)

A day after DHS noted Wisconsin’s 1,000th death from complications related to coronavirus, five more were recorded, pushing the total to 1,011 since the pandemic began.

Of the 62,263 people who have tested positive, over eight percent, or 5,125, have had to be hospitalized at one point in their recovery. So far, DHS states 52,350 people have recovered, while nearly 9,000 remain active.

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